How to make career in writing

The art of writing is not in everyone and those who have the skill of writing, today there is no shortage of jobs for them. Copywriting, Creative Writing, Technical Writing.

Resume Writing:

When you are looking for a job, first of all, it is said that the resume should be attractive. The company also considers the resume as the first impression of the candidates. If the resume is good, then it is easy to get a job. Many times the candidates fail to get the job because of their resume, but the resume writers are experts in making your resume suitable for the market. As a resume writer, you can search for jobs on online job portals like,, etc.

Science Writing:

With the increase in research and development, the demand for science writers is increasing rapidly, especially science writers help scientists and researchers to prepare their research papers, write articles for science journals, prepare presentations, lab reports, etc. To become a science writer, it is necessary that you have a good hold on related subjects, the salary of a science writer also depends on their work experience and subject.

Host Writer:

Many times you must be surprised to think that how well famous personalities engrave their autobiography on paper. While not all of them are good writers, many people are like this. Those who do not have enough time to sit with a pen to write, such people, hire host writers. Those who prepare a book on the basis of their ideas are paid a good amount in return. Actually, the host writer does not get the credit for writing the book. Nevertheless, host writers are hired today to write story writing, book, memory, autobiography, etc.

Technical Writer

The job of a technical writer is to provide the necessary information about the product or service in a simple way for a particular segment of the consumer. A technical writer in some company is also called information developer, documentation specialist, documentation engineer, or technical content developer. These days there are good career opportunities in the field of technical writing.

The scope of work of a Technical Writer varies according to the demands of different sectors and employers. They not only simplify the product features and implementation but also provide a clear presentation of the Acts, Rules, etc., related to the organizational processes. The companies that make letters, brochures, prospectus, etc., are made only with the help of technical writers to make their product and various items of its use reach the consumer. Apart from this, such writers also work in creating projects, research materials, user guides, online reports, graphical presentations, journals, etc.

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For writing jobs, more preference is given to professionals having a degree in mass communication, as well as having a good hold on the subject of English. Apart from the technical subjects, knowledge of computers is very important for technical writing.

Personal Qualities

Must have the ability to use simple and effective language so that the consumer can understand the product easily. Should have good command over local language along with English and Hindi language. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have the desired knowledge of computers, understanding of publishing-related things, and knowledge of the product besides technical knowledge of this area.


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